many girls are very reluctant to wear UGG snow boots

Since this item is so badly worn, why do the girls still have a pair in the winter? The reason is because it is too practical in winter, comfortable to wear and warm, so the most shoes you can see on the street in winter should be UGG. However, many girls are very reluctant to wear UGG snow boots. Before the stripper DitaVonTeese was asked on the show whether she had passed through UGG, it directly responded that we can often go through the street shooting for Halloween. When you see UGG, fashionable people are of course no problem. They are born with long legs, especially supermodels. They are simply non-human beings. Their existence is easy to make people feel illusory. It feels UGG is fashionable and A good piece to wear. But in fact, the effect of the average person is not so perfect, most of the time it will make you look short and thick. There is also a very irritating method of matching, that is, wearing a UGG with bare legs, so that the visual will be very good, not bloated and the photo is very beautiful, but the question is, why do you wear a snow boot in the season when you can go out with bare legs? ! ! Therefore, this super impractical way of collocation can be completely ignored. Such a comfortable and warm item, of course, you must wear some good matching skills. First of all, when pairing with snow boots, you must choose a tight-fitting style, tight-fitting jeans with tight legs, tight leather pants or legging. Is a very good choice. The following figure is typical and not recommended. First of all, the material is not very good. In addition, the lower part of the lower body is easy to appear short legs, and the loose sweatpants look very bloated. This is a firm Avoided. If you want to look taller when you wear UGG, you can pay more attention to the color matching. The unity of the same color tone will visually lengthen the proportion of the whole person.

UGG and Angelababy teamed up to shoot the 2018

Snow boots brand UGG has always been labeled “warm” and “ugly” in the impression of ordinary people. As a pair of shoes with the main pursuit of warmth, the ugliness is actually nothing wrong, but UGG is tirelessly pursuing fashion, but unfortunately the results are not unremarkable, or the force is too strong. Recently, UGG and Angelababy teamed up to shoot the 2018 spring and summer advertising blockbuster, which was shot by photographer Chen Man. It is a fashionable young modern California casual style. With the blessing of Angelababy and Chen Man, how is UGG’s new product performing this time? Sunshine, sand, grass, long legs, it is enough to style Southern California tonality, but how Angelababy can get a high-level look and look, or can not cover the rustic of the two Loafers slippers on her feet. (Not to mention the sheepskin bag with the huge UGG logo.) How to put the snow boots on the fashion has always been the unsolved mystery of the fashion circle. The snow boots that originated in Australia actually appeared as indoor casual shoes. The fur is one, not slippery and not waterproof. Wearing snow boots in public places in Australia can even be seen as awkward and inappropriate. British electronic female singer Joanne Catherall was rejected by Qantas’ business VIP lounge for wearing UGG boots because the UGG on her feet was an indoor drag and did not meet the VIP clothing regulations.

It sounds ridiculous, but Qantas later posted the clothing guide on the official website, and really put UGG into the “Sleepwear”. In the bathroom dragged by the PUMA, Givenchy and other brands of Dongfeng worth rising, as a genuine sheepskin boots, UGG certainly not to be outdone, is about to enter the fashion circle. The shoes are upgraded and the designer’s co-brand is the most popular. UGG is no exception. The 2017 Fall/Winter limited edition collection brought the world-famous fashion designer Jeremy Scott into the water, adding a blazing coat to the bulky UGG. In addition to being tireless in the women’s field, UGG also put his eyes on men’s clothing. In the 2018 men’s autumn and winter fashion week in Paris, UGG and Y/Project collaborated on a bizarre avant-garde fashion show. The model wears UGG over-the-knee boots, and the iconic fur material stacks the lower body of the model, full of avant-garde.